The paintings and ceramics created by Jin Chon are filled with bright colors, bold patterns and surreal imagery.  Jin is a Northern California native and received her BA from San Francisco State University in 2007 in Studio Art (painting and drawing) and Art History. Her paintings during this time showcase energized images layered with photo transfers, airbrush work and acrylic.

Her time spent working at SFMOMA, Zeum, Luggage Store Gallery and with San Pancho Art Collective led to an interest in art as a way of engaging and connecting communities through education. During her 5 years living abroad and teaching English, Jin developed and exhibited her Mars (cat) series paintings in Seoul, Korea.  The small living spaces and busy environment of Seoul are reflected in the paintings’ small sizes, close attention to detail and busy backgrounds.

Jin began ceramics in 2016 as a way to further develop her aesthetic style in functional work. Her hand-built vases and pots are explorations in surface design and combine various underglazes and techniques to bring her painting style to a new medium.

Jin is currently living in Oakland and teaching High School Art and 3d Design in Hayward, California.



For questions and inquires contact: jinkimchon@gmail.com

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